25th January – 5th March, The Vaults, Waterloo, London.

In what has been dubbed “London’s answer to the Edinburgh Fringe”[1] The Vaults in London are bringing an action packed six weeks to Waterloo. Deep underground hundreds of brand new shows will be previewing across the next month. Some will be weird, some will be extraordinary, all will be fun.  Last year saw record audience numbers and this year has seen record production applications and so in 2017 there are some new venues expanding around the Waterloo area as well as the infamous labyrinth underground tunnels. Alongside their theatre programme there is an accompanying Film Festival with an eclectic programme of shorts and features screened across the weekends. Tickets to screenings are only £5 – and if you come to both the Feature and the Shorts on the same day, you’ll save £2!

There is so much going on at this years Vault Festival how could you possibly decide? Do not fear however as we have compiled our essential shows. Below are the top 20 pieces of theatre that we think are not to be missed.

A Young Man Dressed As A Gorilla Dressed As An Old Man
Sits Rocking In A Rocking Chair For Fifty-Six Minutes And Then Leaves
by N/A
Performance. One performance only. Sellout expected.
£Free. Brick Hall, from 29 Jan to 29 Jan at 18:10
“This is exactly what you think it is going to be.”

Adele is Younger Than Us by Adele Is Younger Than Us – Stiff And Kitsch
Comedy. Self deprecating songs and comedy about a life of not being Adele
£12. Cage, from 25 Jan to 29 Jan at 21:30

All Of MeAll of Me by Anything Other Theatre Company
Theatre. A dark comedy about gambling addiction, loss, loneliness and coping.
£9. Studio, from 01 Mar to 05 Mar at 18:30

Astronauts of Hartlepool by Tim Foley
Theatre. Your town is under attack. Dark comedy about broken Britain.
£12. Pit, from 08 Feb to 12 Feb at 18:15

Beef And Dairy Network Podcast by Beef And Dairy Network
Comedy. The world’s leading bovine themed comedy podcast.
£9. Crescent, from 05 Feb to 05 Feb at 18:10

BitterSuite Masterclass by BitterSuite
Live Art / Installation. Making art for the senses: A series of masterclasses
£12. MC Concert, from 03 Feb to 03 Mar at 19:30

Cornwall Vs China by AllthePigs
Theatre. Thought Provoking, Razor Sharp, Satirical Comedy starring no one famous.
£9. Pit, from 15 Feb to 19 Feb at 19:45

Droll by the Owle Schreame
Theatre. Rough, wild, drunken theatre; illegal renaissance sketch comedy. Utterly, unremittingly ridiculous.
£9. Pit, from 15 Feb to 19 Feb at 18:15

The End Of Dance by Yann Allsopp
Theatre. Dance illegal? Your Local MPs are here to fight back!
£9. Brick Hall, from 22 Feb to 26 Feb at 18:10

The Great Gatsby Presented by The Guild Of Misrule in association
with The Immersive Ensemble and Perrier Jouët
Theatre. Red hot jazz, bootleg liquor, debauchery. A remarkable immersive experience.
£26.25. Gatsby’s Place, from 25 Jan to 05 Mar at 21:00

The Jurassic Parks by Superbolt Theatre
Theatre. Superbolt are back with their award-winning spin on Spielberg’s classic.
£15. Crescent, from 08 Feb to 12 Feb at 19:45

Major Tom by Tom Moores and Joe Hufton
Theatre. A one-man show about a one-way ticket…and Bruce Springsteen
£12. Cage, from 01 Feb to 05 Feb at 21:30

Mme Bovary’s Communist After-Party by Elena Procopiu
Theatre. A mother’s post-communist tale of love, loss and the importance contraception
£9. Brick Hall, from 26 Jan to 26 Oct at 18:10

Notflix by Waiting For The Call: The Improvised Musical
Comedy. Because everything is better as a musical
£12. Network Theatre, from 25 Jan to 29 Jan at 20:30

Nothingism by Phil Mann
Comedy. Surreal one-man sketch show of incredible proportions
£9. Pit, from 25 Jan to 29 Jan at 21:15

Seven Crazy Bitches by Holly Morgan
Cabaret. The Seven Ages of Woman via a Bag o’ Wigs
£12. The Jazz Bar, from 15 Feb to 19 Feb at 18:00

The Swarm by The Quorum
Performance. A dynamic new immersive opera about a swarm of honeybees
£15. Cavern, from 08 Feb to 12 Feb at 19:30

Walk With Me by Crew for Calais
Theatre. The moment you leave everything behind.
£9. Network Theatre, from 15 Feb to 19 Feb at 18:30

We Are Brontë by Publick Transport
Theatre. A hilarious interpretation of the Brontë myth through physical theatre.
£12. Brick Hall, from 01 Feb to 05 Feb at 18:10

Werewolf: Live by Jon Gracey
Theatre. Come play a live, theatrical reimagining of gaming classic: Werewolf!
£9. Studio, from 24 Feb to 24 Feb at 18:30 & 20:00

The festival runs 5 days a week, and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The Opening times are listed below and it is definitely worth checking out their bars even if you don’t have a ticket. There are separate “Lates” which are ticketed from 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays if you are looking for that Fringe Festival atmosphere on a night out. Tickets to all events can be bought online and through the venue box office. Some events are totally free so be sure to swing by over the weekends.

Weds 17:45 – 01:00
Thurs 17:45 – 01:00
Fri 17:45 – 03:00*
Sat 12:45 – 03:00*
Sun 12:45 – 23:00



[1] Time Out