Multiple Spotlights: In Conversation with Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher. Musical theatre star, best-selling author, internet star, and now releasing her debut album. It is fairly safe to say that Carrie is not short of talent. Earlier this year she won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Wednesday Adams in the critical hit musical The Addams Family and now she moves towards the release of her debut album. When the Curtain Falls (also the title of her upcoming book) is a selection of huge musical tracks that have shaped Carrie’s life and is available now.

How have you found the album so far? Fill us in on what it means to you

Constructing this album was so hard because how do you pick twelve songs that you love so much above all the other songs. I had a huge extensive list of songs that I love so much, and all have meaning and memories attached to them, and sitting down to choose just twelve was incredibly difficult (especially in the world of musicals). The twelve that have, when you listen to them from start to finish, I feel is actually a good representation f me and the things that I have loved throughout my life and represent pivotal moments. For example, ‘Summertime’ was the first song my dad ever taught me and he is also playing on the album with me.

Most of the songs you have chosen are huge and empowering female numbers. Was this a coincidence?

Yeah, there was a bit of a conscious decision to pick songs that not only are within their themes empowering for women but that there are some stonking women that have sung them already. So it was really a chance for me to try to follow in their footprints and take their inspiration and run with it. More and more within musical theatre you’re seeing amazing female roles, like Eliza Hamilton, Elphaba has always been a huge one, and even Eponine and Fantine are having a little bit of a comeback as it used to be all about Javert and Valjean, and now they are known to have the two biggest songs in that show (bar ‘Bring Him Home’). I feel like even “oldschool” parts are making a bit of a comeback because of this feministic movement within the world but also within musical theatre.

How are you managing to juggle a musical theatre career with the huge recent tour of The Addams Family alongside your online presence and your writing? How do you sleep?

I don’t. I love it all so much though, I know this sounds really cliché but I genuinely do. When the working day ends within a theatre, I’ll carry on working at home because I will write a blog, or make a video, or write another chapter. I just love doing it so much that I just can’t keep my hands from doing it.

Alongside the album, you are also launching a book with the same name. Tell us a little bit more about the book? Are you running a similar theme?

They are both called When the Curtain Falls. Both are all about theatre, and I suppose I am the connection with my love of musical theatre. My publishers have handily written on the back that it is Moulin Rouge meets Phantom of the Opera, which has put me under pressure to deliver a little there. Part of it is set in 1952 and there is a couple we follow there then we jump to 2018 and follow another couple here. It is about how both their stories intertwine and is a bit of a ghost story/romance. I have tried to throw a bit of everything in there. A bit ambitious but you’ll have to read and find out.

If you had to pick a favourite song from the album what would it be?

Oh, this is a bit like being asked to pick my favourite child. I love Let it Go because it’s a Disney song (and everyone loves Disney), but also Tom Barnes the orchestrator on the album did such an incredible job of arranging it. He is just a genius, I don’t quite know how he is not huge because he is just so talented, as well as being the nicest person to work with. Let it go has such a great arrangement that it really sounds like the Disney song we all know and love but it has a really funky, groovy edge to it. Which is really great fun.

If you could take any West End role, and gender swap it so you could play it, what would it be?

Ok. Enjolras. Has always been my answer in the past, as he is just such a badass. I’m a little bit of a tomboy and when I saw that barricade I was like come on! I want to have a go! I wanted to do all the pyros and the big choreographed falls, and the death scenes, all of that. But obviously Eponine just sort of dies before any of that even happens. As soon as the barricade comes on she just climbs over, dies, and they carry her off. Then I used to sit in the wings watching the barricade scene as it all goes into slow motion, people are dying backwards. It was just amazing, so I would love to do that and live the dream of the epic death scene where the thing revolves and I am just lying there. It is so epic, and no one can match that for a death scene.