Author: Alex Hackitt-Anwyl

Rethinking ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’: In Conversation with Patrick Knowles

A Streetcar Named Desire is one of the Twentieth Century’s most enduring plays and Tennesse William’s tragic relationship between Stanley and Blanche is frequently retold. The English Touring Theatre is bringing a bold reimagining of the classic directed by Chelsea Walker. Starring as Stanley we caught up with Patrick Knowles ahead of their nationwide tour which ends in Southampton on June 16. For more information about where you can see the production visit here. Thinking about your own background, how was it that you found yourself in theatre? From a young age, I sang in a church choir and enjoyed...

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Multiple Spotlights: In Conversation with Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher. Musical theatre star, best-selling author, internet star, and now releasing her debut album. It is fairly safe to say that Carrie is not short of talent. Earlier this year she won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Wednesday Adams in the critical hit musical The Addams Family and now she moves towards the release of her debut album. When the Curtain Falls (also the title of her upcoming book) is a selection of huge musical tracks that have shaped Carrie’s life and is available now. How have you found the album so far? Fill us in on...

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A Feminist Freud?: Freud the Musical

Billed as a “one-woman show about sex, madness, and medicine” Freud the Musical certainly lives up to its tagline. Set in the tunnels of the Vaults beneath Waterloo this is an intensely atmospheric and absurd production focusing on a middle-aged Sigmund Freud as he fights debt and a cocaine addiction. Written and performed by Natasha Sutton Williams (and under the direction of Dominic McHale) the audience is taken on a rollercoaster journey through Freud’s patients and the discovery of his own genius in the lead up to the lecture in 1915 that would change everything and propel Freud into the...

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Braving the Horror: Danse Macabre’s “Nightmares in Progress”

Horror despite its potential has often found itself avoided by theatre practitioners despite thriving on screen and in video-gaming. However, the wealth of opportunities the intimate atmosphere of a theatre can provide are rarely explored. Danse Macabre is an emerging company specifically created to explore a darker side of theatre and their latest production Nightmares in Progress showcases some original work the company has been developing in London’s atmospheric Old Red Lion Theatre. The core creative company are formed of Joseph Willis, Sarah Warham, and Sam Esseme. Nightmares in Progress consists of two very different horror pieces relying predominantly on storytelling...

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Pick of the Vaults Festival 2018

In what has been dubbed “London’s answer to the Edinburgh Fringe” The Vaults in London are bringing an action packed six weeks to Waterloo. Deep underground hundreds of brand new shows will be previewing across the next month. Some will be weird, some will be extraordinary, all will be fun.  Last year saw record audience numbers and this year has seen record production applications and so in 2018 there are some new venues expanding around the Waterloo area as well as the infamous labyrinth underground tunnels. Even if you aren’t planning to catch a show there are bars aplenty...

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A Career in Two Parts: In Conversation with Annabel Scholey

Annabel Scholey is an actress most recently acclaimed for her performance in the Netflix hit series Medici: Masters of Florence after starting her TV career in the cult Channel 4 series Being Human. However despite her new-found prominence on our screens Scholey has had an illustrious career on the stage in productions spanning from The Old Vic to the Royal Shakespeare Company. culturised got the chance to catch up with her ahead of the release of new Sky TV series Britannia in which Scholey takes the lead alongside Zoë Wanamaker, David Morrisey, and Mackenzie Crook. Things must be really busy for you at...

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Culturised’s Top Theatre of 2017

2017 was a huge year for theatre with revelations rocking its core, new portfolio organisations being created, and the arrival of one of the most hotly anticipated musical productions from the states. We take a look at the stand-outs of the year. Critics and theatre-goers alike have criticised the recent absence of plays in a theatreland dominated by long-running musicals but 2017 saw a new era of plays taking up some of the largest stages. James Graham in particular has had an incredible year, the spellbinding Ink under the direction of Rupert Goold (who is himself working magic at...

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From Chair to Canvas: ‘Matisse in the Studio’ at the Royal Academy

Emerging from the ashes of the vibrant Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy is a much more intimate affair as they take a look at Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954) in his workspace. Through a collection of items, Matisse in the Studio seeks to display the inspiration and the environment in which Matisse was working.  Whereas usually it is his paintings that are the centre of attention here they lie side by side by with pieces of Matisse’s exotic everyday, the pieces that frequently became a part of his work. Combining textiles, furniture, vases, and trinkets this extraordinary insight into...

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