Author: Laura Aiton

Putting the ‘Smart’ in Independent Film: ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ and ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’

Independent films are those which defy the conventions of traditional Hollywood cinema. ‘Smart’ independent films share an “aura of intelligence” that distinguish them even more from the perceived “dross of the mainstream multiplex”.[1] Smart films can be seen as those with a shared set of stylistic, narrative, and thematic elements, though these are often deployed in differing configurations by each individual work.[2] These films often portray narratives and themes that are relatable to all of us, and this essay looks at smart films’ approach to teenage-hood and adolescence. Welcome to the Dollhouse[3] and The Diary of a Teenage Girl[4] present two...

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Commemorating Life and Questioning Memory in ‘Finding Nana’

“That one thing we all wish we could have more of once they are gone. Time.” Finding Nana is a one-woman show about dealing with the grief that comes with losing somebody special to you. This autobiographical play by Jane Upton features Stacey Evans as Jane, who is coming to grips with the death of her beloved Nana. In a frank, yet intimate presentation, the audience is guided directly through her childhood memories of summer holidays together to Nana’s last moments in a palliative care home. Finding Nana covers plenty of themes, from the unreliable nature of our own...

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