Author: Rocco Thompson

She-Hulk: Marvel’s Wonder Woman

As Wonder Woman lasso-of-truthed into theaters on June 2nd, film and comic geeks alike waited with bated breath. Not since the abysmally conceived Catwoman in 2004 had the silver screen been alight with a super heroine of such ready household recognisability and, needless to say, there was a lot resting on the Amazon’s sculpted shoulders. Fortunately, the reviews were sparkling and audiences came out in droves, resulting in a $223 million worldwide opening which is, as stated by Forbes: “an all-time record for a female director and the biggest gross by far for a female comic book superhero movie...

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Dern Night of The Soul: David Lynch and His Unsung Muse

“Laura Dern is one of the all-time great actresses. She can play anything. And she’s just so…a great actress makes it real from a deep place, and Laura can do that.”[1] – David Lynch While never having really stopped working, Laura Dern is in the midst of quite a career renaissance. After receiving her second Oscar nod for Jean-Marc Vallée’s 2014 film Wild (her first in over two decades since Rambling Rose in 1994) she once again teamed up with him for HBO’s sleeper hit, Big Little Lies. Her inclusion in the upcoming revival of Twin Peaks and Rian...

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Take It Away! It’s Horrible!: Bette Davis and Familial Terror

“I was a legendary terror. I was insufferably rude and ill-mannered in the cultivation of my career. I had no time for pleasantries. I said what was on my mind, and it wasn’t always printable. I have been uncompromising, peppery, intractable, monomaniacal, tactless, volatile, and oftentimes disagreeable. I suppose I’m larger than life.”[1] -Bette Davis In the waning days of the studio era, the once worshiped screen sirens of Hollywood’s Golden Age found themselves unwanted and underpaid. Stars the likes of Shelley Winters and Tallulah Bankhead were entering middle-age, and a new crop of talent (along with a freer...

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Undermining Morality: Exploring Sex in The Cinema of Paul Verhoeven

“As a director, my goal is to be completely open. Just look at how I portray sex in my films. They’re considered shocking and obscene because I like to carefully examine human sexuality. It has to be realistic” – Paul Verhoeven[1] Isabelle Huppert’s inclusion in this year’s “Best Actress” category at the Academy Awards is not only a triumph for the French icon, but also for a director whose name has become synonymous with poor taste: Paul Verhoeven. The Danish auteur’s body of work may be most familiar to those who consumed his ultra-violent, sexually aggressive output in the...

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