Author: Samantha Elden

Bowie Book Club: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

The second installment of Duncan Jones’ #BowieBookClub is the influential The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin.  For those who haven’t been following, Jones is retracing and retweeting the top 100 favourite books of his father, David Bowie. This polemic black manifesto is just as vital now as it was when it was first published 55years ago.  It is a searing and honest portrayal of 60s Harlem where Baldwin grew up.  He chose to become a preacher at fourteen, rather than hit the ‘Avenue’ like the rest of his black peers sitting around ‘sharing a jug of wine or...

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Bowie Book Club: Peter Ackroyd’s ‘Hawksmoor’

In December 2017, film director Duncan Jones, also known as David Bowie’s son, began the #BowieBookClub on Twitter.  Although we are in March, we at Culturised we believe it is never too late to jump on the great book club bandwagon!  Through this open monthly book club, which has already spawned a companion podcast, Jones is paying homage to his late father’s insatiable curiosity for knowledge retracing and retweeting some great literary reads, which have been selected from David Bowie’s 100 favourite books. Bowie described it as ‘a very powerful book, and quite scary’.  Interestingly, Hawksmoor is exceptionally hard...

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