Author: Sophie Davies

The Domestic Horror Stories of ‘Inside No. 9’

As half of The League of Gentlemen and the creators of Psychoville, writer-performers Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are known for their expertise in combining comedy, drama and horror – and their latest venture is no exception. Anthology show Inside No. 9, which has so far run for four series on BBC Two since 2014, has built a reputation for managing to make its audience laugh, gasp and shudder in equal measure. Certain episodes of Inside No. 9 have settings that place them firmly within the horror genre; a gothic mansion, a séance, a secluded cabin in the woods,...

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‘Fleabag’ and ‘Chewing Gum’: Breaking the Fourth Wall on the Small Screen

Two of the most successful British comedies of the last few years, receiving acclaim not just in the UK but also elsewhere thanks to streaming services, have been BBC3’s Fleabag and E4’s Chewing Gum. They are female-driven comedies with very different settings: Fleabag is about a white woman who owns a café in a middle class area of London, while Chewing Gum centres around a black woman who works in a corner shop on a Tower Hamlets housing estate. Yet despite these notable differences, the two shows have several things in common. Both originated as one-woman plays, Fleabag and...

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“Where’s My Zimmer Frame?”: Middle Age and Midlife Crises in ‘Camping’

In an interview just before Camping aired on Sky Atlantic in April 2016, Julia Davis (writer, director and star of the dark comedy) mentioned that she would soon be turning fifty.[1] She admitted to being “a bit worried about that”, remarking “you read about people who really embrace it but I don’t feel like that”. She added that the topic of ageing would likely play a significant role in her next project. However it would seem that ageing was also on her mind whilst she was creating Camping, as youth, middle age and midlife crises are prominent themes throughout...

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