Author: Trevor White

The Anonymous Face of the Net: ‘The Believers are but Brothers’

“At the edge of our decaying bodies lies a network of power greater than any tyrant has ever dreamed” – Javaad Alipoor, The Believers are but Brothers. Javaad Alipoor weaves a story of three men who venture down the rabbit hole of the blue light of screens with a dialectic about the internet and political extremism. Alipoor begins his show by defending social media and the age of the internet from the usual protestations: That it puts us into a bubble in which we don’t see opposing viewpoints, that it isolates us as we go through the real world...

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Theatre of Heaven and Hell: “If you’re Glad I’ll be Frank”

It has been an exciting year for Stoppard fans; Travesties played to utterly rapt audiences in the Apollo, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead was no less successful in its demonstration of Stoppard’s innovation and bubbling wit (you can read culturised’s thoughts on that production here) and Laurence Fox is currently at the Rose gallivanting round as the freakishly witty writer Henry in Stoppard’s semi auto-biographical The Real Thing. Rather than attempting to follow on from these acts, the Theatre of Heaven and Hell have tried a different tack; bringing to the stage a radio play of which critics have...

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