The Pick of Online Film: ‘Prisoners’

I first saw Prisoners during its theatrical run back in 2013. It was a day that sticks out in my mind for a couple reasons. The first being that I encountered the film while attempting to remain inside of the cinema complex from opening to close. The whole thing was an experiment I had thought up … Continue reading

The Pick of Online Film: ‘It Follows’

There’s a theory in horror film circles that there’s two types of fear: horror-fear and terror-fear. Horror-fear is confining it traps us within our own psyches thus making us yearn for reassuring safety of companions. The process of thinking goes, “if I just have another person with me … Continue reading

The Pick of Online Film: XX

The horror genre often serves as a crucible for the film industry; countless directors, writers and actors found their start in the proving ground of the thriller. And so it seems especially poignant to note that, at the feet of Wonder Woman’s continued worldwide dominance, some of the horror … Continue reading

The Pick of Online Film: Escape from Tomorrow

To watch Escape from Tomorrow (2013) is to watch a film that shouldn’t exist. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with the subject matter, although it does delve into some uncomfortable spots. It’s not a film that’s been drastically neutered by the censoring agencies (although … Continue reading